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GreenPrima shaking water baths now include universal trays as standard

Issuing time:2017-12-01 09:19

From Monday 1st December 2017, customers purchasing a GreenPrima  shaking water bath will benefit from a universal tray included as standard.

The universal trays are designed for ultimate versatility for a variety of vessel types. The adjustable and removable spring configuration allows for maximum flask capacity. One tray per bath will now be automatically included as standard at no extra cost.

Products benefiting from the addition include the PLS200 Plus combined linear and Refrigeration shaking water bath and the PLS200 linear shaking water baths. Universal trays include UT28, TT28 and UTP28.

For further information contact our Sales Desk team by emailing or calling +44 (0) 2034 681833.

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